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Some of the biggest banks have entered into settlement with the government as a result of the foreclosure crisis. Now some are back to foreclosing on hard working individuals.  Some banks foreclose on home owners despite having improper loan and legal documents.  The legal professionals from the law office of Otis A. Thompson will ensure that you receive the due process you are entitled to under the law.  Do not walk away; the Law Office of Otis A. Thompson is here to help you save your home!


The purchase of a home is the biggest investment many individuals will make in their life time.  If you or anyone you know is currently facing foreclosure, you need to retain the assistance of an experienced attorney.  The Law Office of Otis A. Thompson are experienced foreclosure defense attorneys. 

Otis A. Thompson founded the Law Office of Otis A. Thompson in the year 2000, in Queens County, New York, on the belief that all clients are best served by the use of a diverse group of lawyers using an innovative approach to the practice of law.  Mr. Thompson is a member of the New York State Bar Association in good standing.  He has worked on a variety of litigations for New York City firms; the firm’s goal is to provide stellar and zealous representation to all clients.

Today the firm utilizes a core group of attorneys specializing in the area of real property law.  The firm also provides legal expertise to small businesses with initial startup needs. 

In addition to legal expertise, we are also experienced in property management, marketing, and new business development for small businesses. We possess an aptitude for analyzing and solving problems, being team players, and have a commitment to making improvements.