• Land use and Planning
    • For clients who own undeveloped land, we will conduct the necessary zoning and environmental report to assist you in making well informed decisions.
  • Landlord Tenant
    • For landlords- Our Law firm handles; Holdover, non- payment and squatter proceedings. Our Law office will prepare all paperwork necessary to evict all tenant(s).
    • For Tenants- Our Law Firm will defend; you in Holdover, Non-payments and squatter proceedings.  Our office will insure your landlord maintains your residence in accordance with the Warranty of Habitability.  
  • Leases
    • Our Law Firm will prepare and customize leases specific to the clients needs and business.  Our office will review and negotiate commercial lease(s) with your landlord.
  • Sale of Business
    • If you are selling or purchasing a business we will assist you with the Contract of Sale, Indemnification Agreements, Restrictive Covenants, Bill of Sale and Assignments, Fixture evaluation and tax issues. (This is a law office, we do not provide tax advice, however we can point you to right professionals). 
  • Estate Planning
    • Living Will, Will and Health Care Proxy.  Protect your assets  by customizing an estate plan that keeps you within the guidelines set up by Federal regulators.
  • Probate
    • If you are the beneficiary under a will or the executor/executrix under the will our Law Firm will prepare the necessary paper work to have someone appointed to administer, control and distribute the will of the deceased.
  • Foreclosure
    • We will respond to the summons and complaint, attend settlement conference, conduct Travers Hearings representing you.
  • Loan Modifications 
    • If you are behind on your mortgage payments and receiving calls from your Lender you are in danger of loosing your home.  Do not wait to be served with foreclosure papers.  We will contact your lender and negotiate on your behalf to have your payments and interest rate modified in a manner that is affordable.
  • Uncontested Divorce



Law Office of Otis A. Thompson

  • Sale and Purchase of Homes, Condominium and Coop's 

If you are selling or purchasing a home you will need to consult an attorney before beginning the process. Our Law Firm will walk you through the Contracts of Sale, commitments, Title Search, Lien removal negotiation and settlement, and closing the purchase or sale of your home.

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REAL ESTATE, Estate Planning, Probate

​In an uncontested divorce, the process is simple and inexpensive, and it allows both parties to end the marriage quietly. If the conflict between the two is low, it offers a better opportunity to keep it that way. If it is your desire to end the relationship with minimal cost, stop the fighting, and to move on with your life, an uncontested divorce is the way to go.